Designer and Art Director

Marina is a designer and an art director based in Barcelona. Despite being very young, she has worked for well-known fashion brands in the perfumery sector, where she found her passion for visual communication for luxury and fashion brands.

She shows a remarkable sensitivity of aesthetics since childhood, and always has shown interest in the visual arts. She believes in the power of aesthetics to give value to brands and for this reason she is really interested in the aesthetic strategy in projects.

Marina is a multidisciplinary hardworker person and likes to work in a team, share ideas and learn about the other people. She is an ambitious person who always tries to give the best of her in each project. Is very important for her that the final result will be

a reflection of her effort and dedication.


2016-2017 Master in Comunication & Art Direction: 
Elisava superior design and engineering school 

2016 Erasmus program in Milan: 

Nuova Accademia di Belli Arti di Milano

2012-2016 Product Design Degree: 
Elisava superior design and engineering school 

2010-2012 Baccalaureate in Plastic Arts: 
IES Torre del Palau

Work Experience

2017 - Actually: Design and art direction in Aktiva Brand Experience Design. (Barcelona):

Desing all kind of products for perfume’s world (bottles, POS, merchandising...) and graphic content (visuals, renders...). Participating in projects like the new design bottle for Wood Desquared2 or making the art direction for the new digital campaign of Calvin Klein Women fragance.

Manager and project coordinator for the brand Guerlain perfumes of the LVMH group in Aktiva.

2015 - 2016: Graphic Designer and art director in Oro Vivo Jewelry. (Barcelona):

Design of all graphic content. Online & offline.


2016 - 2017: Product and graphic designer in Mes3 Design (Barcelona):

Design a new products and graphic content.


2016 - Actually: Freelance designer:

For many companies and individual projects.

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Design and Art direction